Greenland Overseas

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Why Choose Us

ü Save Time & Money: Greenland Overseas offers time-efficient and cost-effective recruitment and staffing solutions, ensuring you save both valuable time and resources.


ü Tailored Solutions, Swift Results: Benefit from our customized recruitment services, connecting you swiftly with trained, experienced professionals, as well as dedicated beginners, tailored precisely to your business needs.


ü Versatile Talent Pool: Whether you need specialized professionals or semi-skilled experts, our diverse talent pool ensures you have access to the right expertise for every role.

Advantages over other staffing service


ü Nationwide Reach: From single facilities to multi-location national operations, our seamless staffing solutions cater to your requirements, no matter the scale.


ü Efficiency Meets Excellence: Experience a hassle-free recruitment process prioritizing efficiency without compromising on the quality of talent provided.


ü Focus on Your Core Business: With Greenland Overseas managing your staffing needs, focus on growing your business while we handle the complexities of recruitment.


ü Unique Solutions, Unparalleled Service: Discover the Greenland advantage where unique, tailored solutions meet unparalleled service, ensuring your success remains our top priority. 


ü Specialized Divisions & Subsidiaries: Specialized recruiters in each of our industry-specific divisions & subsidiaries know the unique skills and requirements of each industry and where to locate the best people in that field.


ü Quick Response Time: Because we are constantly recruiting people, we have a database of qualified candidates ready to go to work. Right after selection, we post all the details of candidates in our online database so that our clients remain constantly updated regarding the progress in terms of medical fitness, flight and deployment schedules, etc.


ü Carefully Screened, Qualified Candidates: Our comprehensive recruiting, screening, and testing process means you get qualified candidates with the skills to fit perfectly into their positions.